Athirapilly River Resort

What sets Athirapilly River Resort, located in the Chalakudy-Athirapilly route, apart is it's unique relationship to the river and with its scenic locales. Camping here lets you interact with the raw beauty of the Chalakudy river and the region around Athirapilly with all its attractions - all within a short distance from us.

The resort is open year round. All our rooms offers a self-contained sanctuary to make you feel right at home. Our rooms offer an unmatched view of the river from every corner. Whether you want fun activities or lazy days around a campfire; we can give you the vacation, or weekend, that you want. Plan your next traveling to include Athirapilly River Resort with its vibrant and scenic surroundings.

So what are you waiting for,
Come and experience the river at Athirapilly River Resort

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Athirapilly River Resort is a soothing heaven situated amidst the rolling hills and scenic beauties of Rocky River.

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